Custom website faq's

How much input will I have on the design of my event website?

We will not deviate to much from the above demos, however you will have complete input in the colors, fonts, and verbage of your website. If you are not the creative type, we can completely do the design legwork for you. The amount of input will ultimately depend on how invovled you want to be.

How long does it take before the launch of my custom website?

After, payment we will immeadiately start designing and working on your website. The total time to complete a custom website will vary depending on amount of information and integration required. You should expect your website up and running in about 3 weeks.

What images will you use?

We will use all the images from your previous photgraphy sessions.

What is a custom domain name?

A custom domain name is the URL or address for your website. For example, your custom URL can be www.johnandjillwedding.com, or, www.johnandjillsayido.com - This is included in every website package. Keep in mind that some URL's may be taken already, in that case we will consult you on the domain name you prefer.

How do the custom RSVP forms work?

Integrating a custom RSVP form allows you to gather information from your guests. These forms can be customized to your specifications. Once submitted, all forms will be stored online through your email account and all entries can be forwarded to an email address of your choice.

Will I have a custom email address?

Yes, you wil have access to a custom email address using Google Apps. This means you will login to your account via www.gmail.com and entering in your credentials. For example, if your domain name is www.johnandjillwed.com your email would be example@johnandjillwed.com


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