Do we get to keep the images?

You are able to purchase the Master Files from your engagement and/or wedding session. These files will allow you to print them at any time.

Can we print the photos out on our own?

If you purchase the Master Files of your session you will be able to print them.

Can we edit or apply effects/filters to your photos?

Yes, for a fee we can retouch images to your liking and apply filters and effects if necessary.

What type of gear do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Cannon EOS-1D X and all my lenses are L-Series for the best quality photos possible.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and money orders.



How many weddings do you shoot and what is your availability like?

Our availability is pretty open and we shoot about 30 weddings a year.

How do we secure you for our wedding date?

By using the "Book My Event" button to fill out your event date and details, we will then contact you at our earliest convenience. A $1000 dollar deposit will then secure your special date.

How many images will we get from the wedding?

There is no magic number of images, everything depends on the flow of the wedding and the coverage you have selected. Normally, a client will be presented with an online gallery of 500 - 1000 images to select from.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we travel anywhere in the US, as well as internationally for photography events.

Should we see each other before the ceremony?

There are some benefits to seeing each other before the ceremony. Most importantly we will be able to get what is called the "1st Look" shots, where it is just you two admiring each other. These intimate shots are very powerful and look great in your wedding album. Ultimately the decision is yours.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are insured.

Do you have backup gear in case something breaks?

Yes, we have backup cameras and lighting as well.



Should we do an engagement session?

If time and budget are not an issue and/or you are opting for a custom event website, shooting an engagement session is highly recommended. You will get a taste of what to expect for your wedding shoot and the images we capture will help us tell your story visually for your album, website, and even prints.

What should we wear for our engagement session?

Your wardrobe is important because often what you and your partner are wearing is likely going to dictate how comfortable you are moving around for certain shots. Some tips to remember are to dress for your surroundings, be practical, and coordinate with your partner. If you need more help we can give you some more tips.

How many images will we get from the engagement session?

The number of images will vary depending on location and flow of the session, but most engagement shoots will have anywhere from 100 - 200 images presented to you via an online proofing gallery.


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