professional processing & retouching

Even with the most sophisticated photography equipment it is impossible to account for wandering strangers in the background, pesky blemishes, stray hairs, random objects in the background, insufficient lighting, cloudy days, etc. That is why Travis Daniels Photography has professional digital artists to retouch and color-correct/process all your images to insure the highest quality possible. Check out some examples of just how much retouching and processing does for your images below.

Use slider to reveal before and after color processing


Use slider to reveal before and after retouching


luxury albums

Celebrate your special occasion with a custom designed luxury photo album. All albums are professionally designed with many unique customization's including, handcrafted or leather covers, professional binding, album slipcovers, wooden album cases, and much more. 


professional quality prints

Travis Daniels Photography use the highest quality print labs available to make sure every picture printed is perfect. With advanced color management practices and calibration Travis Daniels Photography will provide you and your loved ones with the best possible prints.